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  • What is

    The Black Business Network is the world's fastest growing online community for promoting and connecting black owned business.  Business owners and professionals use our network to promote and differentiate their offerings and be found online by customers and prospects. The black business network also serves as a unique resource for and about the Black Owned Business community.  We get our business noticed and provide a valuable web presence for black owned businesses.

  • Can I add my business to the Black Owned Business network

    Yes. As long as you meet the following criteria:

    • Your business is at least 50% Black Owned
    • Your business is NOT a part of a MLM, Multi Level Marketing System or network marketing system
    • You business listing information is complete and accurate.  All businesses must include contact information including business address

    Adding your company to the Black Owned Business Directory is easy and free--and you can add all the information you want. Add your Black Owned company here.

  • Why is there a set up fee on Free Business Listings.

    We implemented a small $5 setup fee on free business listings to eliminate spam listings.  We want to make sure that all business information listed in our directory is accurate. This fee covers the time it takes to verify the business truly exists and that the business meets the requirements for listing in our Black Owned Business Directory. 

  • What is the refund policy when listing in the Black Owned Business Directory?

    Free Business Listings:
    The one time set-up fee that is required for Free business listings is non-refundable.  Even if a business does not meet the requirements for listing in the directory, the set-up fee is non-refundable.  Business owners should verify that their business meets the requirements for listing before submit their business for listing.

    Upgraded Business Listings:
    Any set-up fee for upgraded listings is non-refundable.  If the user fails to verify that a business meets the requirements for listing in the black owned business network, 10% of the listing price will NOT be refunded.  Business owners should verify that their business meets the requirements for listing before submitting their business information.

    All business listing owners at agree to the terms and conditions of this website including the refund policy when creating an account in our system.

  • Can I list my MLM business in the Black Owned Business Directory?

    Due to the similarities of Multi Level Marketing (MLM) businesses and pyramid schemes, we do not allow MLM busnesses to list @

  • Can another business directory create a listing in the Black Owned Business Directory?

    It is against our policy to list other business directories in our directory.

  • Why should I upgrade my business listing?

    Simple... Listing in our directory will bring more business, more phone calls, and more clients through your doors and to your website. Ultimately generating more MONEY for you.

    While we offer free business listings, to more effectively reach your target audience, we offer Upgraded Listings that allow you to add additional information about your business and highlight your listing for increased visibility. In addition, upgraded listings appear higher in our search results.

    • Get more people to your website
    • Get more people to your Facebook Page
    • Promote your products, coupons, and events in our classifieds.
    • Receive direct emails from potential clients
    • Add photos of your products and events
    • Your listing will appear higher in our search results
    • Longer description of your business
    • More words used to search for you in our directory.
    • No advertisements on your page

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