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Business branding is one of the most important aspects of a successful business. One key part of business branding is separating your business identity from your personal identity.  This applies even if you are building yourself as your brand in industries such as photography, graphic design, music and more.

There are several ways you can keep your personal identity separate from your business identity.

Create separate social media accounts - Social media is very important when it comes to marketing your business.  Remember to create a Facebook fan page and twitter account that are specifically for your business and a separate business.  Have a separate Facebook page and twitter account for you personally.  If clients request you as a friend on Facebook, refer them to your fan page instead.  Your personal accounts should be for people who you know personally.  By doing this, your personal beliefs, politics, personal life do not effect / damage your brand.  Your business profiles will focus on your services and products.

Use auto posting services - Posting to multiple social media profiles can be time consuming.  You can save time by using services like Tweetdeck to post to multiple profiles at once. 

What do you do to keep your personal life separate from your business life?

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So you've invested your time developing your product.  You have done your market research and you have a product that people want to buy.  It is finally launch day for your online business and your new website goes live.

But wait, where are the customers?  Why isn't anyone visiting your site?  Why are people not buying?

Launching your website with no marketing is like opening a Brick and Mortar business on a dead end road that has no traffic. No one knows that you exist.  The saying, "If you build it, they will come" does not apply to online businesses.  You need to take advantage of you resources.  Tell the world about your business.  Pass out business cards.  Tell your friends and family.  Attend networking events.  Find a way to get links to you website onto other websites.  List your business in online business directories like  You need to be found.

What steps have you taken to better market your business?

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Having a business...EASY.  Getting your name out there ... NOT SO EASY

Marketing is not as easy and is certainly not cheap. Especially if your business has limited time or money. So here are a few options for you to capitalize on your marketing dollars.

Take advantage of free and low cost marketing opportunities
You don't have to have millions of dollars to begin marketing your business.  Start with the free or low cast marketing plans that include  creating a Facebook fan page, Tweeting about your business services, or listing your businesses in free directories like the Black Owned Business Directory found here. 

Email Subscription Services
Allow visitors to your website to subscribe to a mailing list. Then send them regular updates on your services.

Take advantage of business card promotions
Companies like free or low cost corporate identity packages including business cards, brochures, and postcards and all you pay is shipping.  Sign up to their mailing list to receive these offers.

Take advantage of Web Design Deals
Having a website is critical in today's marketing world.  Companies like Dee's Solutions offer promotions like free Facebook fan page designs when you purchase a new website.  They go even further by offering payment plans to help with your expenses.

Tell us how your business has saved on marketing?


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Let's face it.  For every service you provide, there are hundreds of others who provide the same service.  When a potential customer or client tries to contact you or your business for your services.  You usually only get one shot.  Make it easy for your clients to get in touch with you.  Make sure that your email address, physical address, and phone number are correct on all of your media including your website and business cards.


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