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Anyone can sell a service or product.  What ever it is that you do, there are thousands of other businesses out there that do the exact same thing.  Some even do it better than you.  So what can you do to set your self apart from the other businesses.


OFFER Your client a Solution.  You will find that solutions will bring in more customers / clients.  So how do you do it.

Do this by recognizing and understanding your clients needs.  Listen to your client first. Sometimes the service that the client requests is not necessarily the service that the client needs.  Listen to the client to find out what their problem is then offer a solution to their problem.  You will find that your clients will be happier. 

Focus on the benefits of using your service or product.  Tell them how using your service will increase their revenues.  Tell them how buying your product will save them time.  This is what the client wants to know.



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No matter how good your product or service is, if you are in business long enough, you will come across an unhappy customer.  Come up with a plan to deal with these situations before they occur.

There are two things that are most important when dealing with unhappy customers.

  1. No matter what, THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT.  The customer is right, even when they are wrong.  You as a business owner must take responsibility when things go wrong.  Your job as a business owner is to alleviate the situation so that you have happy customers.
  2. Never let a customer leave angry.  When a customer is angry, they tell other potential customers about their bad experience.  You must turn the customers negative experience into a positive experience

Below are steps you can take to deal with an unhappy customers:

Listen and offer sympathy
- Listen to the customers complaint without interrupting.  You should remain calm and speak in a calm tone.  In a calm voice, you should say something like "I apologize for your inconvenience.  Tell me what happened so that I can help you".  Then BE QUIET and LISTEN to what the customer has to say.  Trust me, your client is doing you a service by letting you know what's going wrong.  If one client feels a certain way, there are usually others who feel that way, but just chose to take their business elsewhere. 

Repeat what the customer tells you - An example "So, you ordered a size small and you received a size extra small.  Is this correct?

Find out what the customer wants
- Do they want to return your product, a refund, or a replacement?

Offer a solution - After listening to what the customer wants, offer a solution and be happy to do it.  Say something like " I apologize that we sent you the wrong size shirt.  I will be happy to exchange it for you is this OK?".  If they agree then, solve the problem. If they do not agree negotiate until they are happy.

Go above and beyond with future incentives - Offer some incentive for the customer to continue to do business with you.  For example, offer a discount on their next purchase Or throw in a sample of another product that you sale to the customer.

What are ways that you deal with unhappy customers or what has a business done to keep you as a customer?

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You need repeat customers to have a successful long-term creative business.

Repeat customers are the easiest customers.  Think about it, they know your product or service. They trust your brand.  Most importantly, you already have a relationship with them.  It is easier and cheaper to get someone to buy from you if they have bought from you before.  So what does it take to turn a new customer into that favored repeat customer.  Here's a couple of tips:

1) Have a great product or service at a competitive price.

When you have a quality product or service, it will usually sell itself.  Your customers will come back because they value and trust your product or service and your price is competitive. 

2) Keep in touch

Sometimes your clients forget about you.  Send them a thank you note for doing business with you. Notify your clients when you offer new products or have promotions.  Not only is this a good gesture, but it keeps you on the clients mind.

3 ) Offer special discounts to repeat customers

Everyone loves a sale.  Offering a special discount to your customers makes them feel appreciated.  It makes clients feel like they are getting something exclusive.  It makes clients feel important.

What tips do you have for turning your first time customers into repeat customers?

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Let's face it.  For every service you provide, there are hundreds of others who provide the same service.  When a potential customer or client tries to contact you or your business for your services.  You usually only get one shot.  Make it easy for your clients to get in touch with you.  Make sure that your email address, physical address, and phone number are correct on all of your media including your website and business cards.


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