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Anyone can sell a service or product.  What ever it is that you do, there are thousands of other businesses out there that do the exact same thing.  Some even do it better than you.  So what can you do to set your self apart from the other businesses.


OFFER Your client a Solution.  You will find that solutions will bring in more customers / clients.  So how do you do it.

Do this by recognizing and understanding your clients needs.  Listen to your client first. Sometimes the service that the client requests is not necessarily the service that the client needs.  Listen to the client to find out what their problem is then offer a solution to their problem.  You will find that your clients will be happier. 

Focus on the benefits of using your service or product.  Tell them how using your service will increase their revenues.  Tell them how buying your product will save them time.  This is what the client wants to know.



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