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There are many within the black community who go out of their way to improve the black community.  They give back in some way.  We are honored to Spotlight them here!

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Budget time & money to market your company. You need to be found
Having a business...EASY.  Getting your name out there ... NOT SO EASYMarketing is not as easy and is certainly not cheap. Especially if your business…
Happy Employees Make Good Employees
So you've invested your time and money in training them.  They know the ends and outs of your business. They know your clients. Your clients…
Potential Clients Don't Wait Because Time is Money
Check and respond to your business emails and phone calls and voice mails daily. // Clients don't wait, they find other services.  When a client…
3 Tips to Turn Customers into Repeat Customers
You need repeat customers to have a successful long-term creative business.Repeat customers are the easiest customers.  Think about it, they know your product or service.…
Updated contact information
  Let's face it.  For every service you provide, there are hundreds of others who provide the same service.  When a potential customer or client…
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