Black Owned Business Network


When I was a child my mother often spoke of a time when the black community looked out for the black community. She would speak of the times when everyone in her neighborhood was considered a family. She spoke of times when the black community thrived and worked to improve their own community. She spoke of a time when blacks were PROUD of their communities.

That was my mother’s generation. My generation is different. I come from a time where the black community does not take care of itself. I come from a time when everything you hear about the black community is negative. I come from a time when the idea of Black Owned is considered negative. I come from a time where people just DO NOT CARE.

Well, at least I THOUGHT that African Americans did not care about their community. That was until I learned about a group called “It Takes A Village Y’all”.

“It Takes A Village Y’all” is a not a nonprofit. They are regular people like you and me. They live in their community. They work in their communities. Most importantly they give back to their community. They honor and celebrate the seniors in their Detroit community. They encourage and motivate the youth in their community. They promote unity within their community. They ARE making a difference in their community. They are “Changing Detroit for the better one block at a time”.

So how do they do it? Do they solicit funds from others? NO. Do they apply for government grants? NO. Are they funded by some big corporation? The answer is NO. They use their own hard earned money and resources to take care of THEIR community. They formed partnerships with a host of other groups with the same goal. They invest their time and money to improve their own community. They took the concept of It takes a Village and applied it literally.

It Takes A Village Y’all is an inspiration to me because they believe in their community. Not only that, they inspire others to believe in their community. They serve as proof that when we UNITE, we can move mountains. Most importantly, they represent HOPE for the community.

It Takes A Village Y’all was founded by Robert L. Robinson II. Find out more information by visiting


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