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Becoming disabled from the waist down is enough to stop anyone from pursuing their dreams. But it wasn't enough to stop one determined man.

Anthony Stroy, the owner of the Locker Room Barbershop in Vivian, Louisiana was shot in 2005.  As a result, he became disabled from the waist down.  For many individuals, a tragedy such as this would mean the end of the world, but not for Anthony.  Anthony managed to turn tragedy into triumph.  Anthony looked at his situation and said, "NOTHING is going to stop me!", and nothing has.
As soon as Anthony was physically able, he returned to school at Louisiana State University Shreveport ( LSUS ).  He went on to receive his degree in Kinesiology Health Sciences and became a teacher at the Hosston Alternative school in Hosston, LA.  The school soon closed leaving Anthony without a job.  Determined to not receive a disability check, Anthony started looking for other options.
Disabled Man Coaches Little League TeamLittle did Anthony know, losing his job was the first step leading him on the path to bigger and better things.  Using his skills as an artist, Anthony decided to attend tattoo school where he excelled.  While in tattoo school, he used his networking skills to make the right connections.  He was later caste on TLC's reality show "Tattoo School" which premiered on Thursday, May 24, 2012 at 10/9c.  "Tattoo School" profiles prospective tattoo artists who are given a once-in-a-lifetime, two-week intensive course on the art of tattooing at the World's Only Tattoo School.

With his career taking off, Anthony still has not stopped.  Anthony manages to give back to his community in many ways.  Anthony said that "God saved me to help others". He spends his spare time mentoring neighborhood kids and helping to prepare them for their GED, ACT, and SAT tests.  Even though he is in a wheelchair, Anthony is also a coach for the local little league football and basketball teams. That's still not enough for Anthony. When school starts, Anthony also spends his time giving free haircuts to the neighborhood kids who cannot afford them.
Anthony is an entrepreneur, businessman, teacher, barber, tattoo artist, and a role model.  He is an inspiration for his community.  He lives by his words that "Quitting is not an option".

So what's next for Anthony Stroy?  He plans to expand his business, the Locker Room Barbershop, to offer a tutoring program, study hall, and a place for kids to go after school.  He plans to offer all of these services under one roof.  He is determined to make his community better.

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