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The Carole Simpson Journalism Scholardhip is intended for those who will be attend a school for journalism.

Carole Simpson is a former member of the Radio Television Digital News Foundation Board of Trustees. She established the Carole Simpson Scholarship to encourage and help minority students overcome hurdles along their career path. Carole Simpson Scholarship winners are working as reporters, producers and anchors in television and radio stations across the country.

Simpson retired from ABC News in 2006 to become Leader-in-Residence at Emerson College's School of Communications in Boston. In a career of notable firsts, in 1992 Simpson became the first woman and the first African American to moderate a presidential debate. She is completing a book on her 40 years as a pioneering African American woman in the field of journalism. Simpson is a commentator for National Public Radio and a frequent political analyst on "Larry King Live." In 1996, Simpson receive the Leonard Zeidenberg First Amendment Award in recognition of her work to protect First Amendment Freedoms.




    Must be officially enrolled in college and have at least one full academic year remaining.
    Must be a fully enrolled college sophomore or higher to receive scholarship.
    Must apply for only one scholarship.
    May be enrolled in any major so long as your intent is a career in electronic journalism.




1. A completed application form submitted online only. All applications must be submitted by May 31, 2013. Deadline extended to June 30, 2013.
2. A cover letter, submitted with the online application including these topics:


    Discuss your current and past journalism experience.
    Describe how you would use the funds if you were to receive the scholarship.
    Discuss your choice to pursue a career in electronic journalism.
    Include in your cover letter 3-5 links to your best and most relevant work samples to the scholarship for which you are applying.  Work samples should be broadcast (television/radio) or online news pieces.  Entrants are encouraged to upload their work samples to sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Sound Cloud and other platforms, then inlude links to these samples in the cover letter.  Entrants are also encouraged to provide a link to their personal website, if this is available, or social media platforms if they are used professionally.  Please discuss your role in each of the pieces (producer, editor, reporter, etc).


3. A letter of recommendation from your dean, faculty advisor or intership advisor, submitted with online application.


logo genericFundraising is a major obstacle when it comes to Starting a new business or getting the right credentials to be respected within your industry.  Whether it's getting the degree or certifications to back up your skills, or getting the funds to launch your big idea.  Many times businesses and individuals just do not have the funds to launch.

To address this we have created our own Black crowd funding program.  Our visitors will be able to raise funds for their new business venture, start-up, certification course, business expansion, new website, and more.  If you are interested, please contact us @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following:

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Contact Phone Number
  3. Email Address
  4. Detailed description of the project that you would like funded.
  5. Amount of funds you are looking to raise
  6. Your Photo
  7. Photo representing your project
  8. Optional: Link to your website/ twitter / facebook page.

Please send the information from above to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We will contacted if your program is selected.

The AIChE Minority Scholarship Award is presented to 10 AIChE national undergraduate student members annually. Applicants shall be required to be undergraduates in chemical engineering during the current academic year and be members of a minority group that is under-represented in chemical engineering, i.e., African-American, Hispanic, Native American, Alaskan Native.

Applicants who will complete the chemical engineering baccalaureate degree requirements in mid-academic year (i.e., after one semester of one or two quarters), if successful, will receive prorated awards. In addition to this award, The Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Award, which consists of a certificate and honorarium, may be awarded to eligible applicants. No separate application form is required for that award.

A one-time award of $1,000 per student. Approximately 10 scholarships are presented annually.

Students are recognized at the National Student Conference Awards Ceremony each year.


Rules and criteria governing this award:

  • Previous recipients of this scholarship are eligible to reapply.
  • Applicants shall be required to be undergraduates in chemical engineering during the 2011-2012 academic year and be members of a minority group that is under-represented in chemical engineering, i.e., African-American, Hispanic, Native American, Alaskan Native.
  • Applicants who will complete the chemical engineering baccalaureate degree requirements in mid-academic year (i.e., after one semester of one or two quarters), if successful, will receive prorated awards. Candidates who receive the scholarship are expected to join their college’s AIChE Student Chapter.

For AIChE student membership information, call 1-800-242-4363 and request an application packet.

Selection of winners will be based on the following criteria:

  • The applicant’s academic record, minimum GPA of 3.0/4.0.
  • The applicant’s participation in AIChE student chapter, and professional or civic activities as outlined in the chapter advisor’s, department chair’s, or other faculty member’s evaluation in his/her letter of nomination.
  • Applicant’s career objectives and plans as outlined in his/her career essay.
  • The applicant’s financial need as outlined in his/her list of financial resources for educational support.
  • Individual awards for the full academic year will be $1,000. Awards will be announced by August/September 2011, and payment disbursed to each winner upon receipt of a copy of the proof of 2011 fall-semester college registration. No award will be sent after December 2011.
  • In addition to this award, The Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Award that consists of a plaque and $1,500.00 honorarium may be awarded to eligible applicants. No separate application form is required for that award.

Instructions for submitting an application:
A complete application for the AIChE Minority Scholarship Award will contain a copy of each of the following items (each letter should contain an original signature to be scanned and uploaded). All applications are submitted online.

From the student:

  • A completed application form submitted online (only one submission per applicant).
  • A career essay not to exceed 300 words outlining the following:
  • Immediate plans after graduation and area(s) of chemical engineering of most interest.
    • Long-range career objectives
    • Unofficial copy of student transcript

From the college financial aid office:
A letter indicating that the student is eligible for financial aid based on their records.
A letter of recommendation from the AIChE student chapter advisor, department chair, or chemical engineering faculty member containing, but not limited to, the following:
Verification of nominee’s GPA and projected completion date.
An evaluation of the student’s academic performance and participation in AIChE and other professional or civic activities.
Confirmation of minority group of student.
Official copy of student transcript sent (by the school) to AIChE

The APS Minority Scholarship helps increase the number of under-represented minorities obtaining degrees in physics.  The scholarship  provides funding and mentoring to minority physics students, helping them  enhance their education and for successfully prepare for a variety of   careers.

Through the generosity of corporate and individual donors, the APS has been able to offer the APS Scholarship for Minority Undergraduate Physics Majors (formerly known as the Corporate-Sponsored Scholarship for Minority Undergraduate Students Who Major in Physics).

This program, which began in 1980, has graduated students who have received their Ph.D.s in physics and are now working as physics faculty members in universities, as well as research scientists at corporations and national labs. Some past scholars have also become high school physics teachers.

Scholar Selection
Each year, the APS Committee on Minorities in Physics (COM) acts as the selection committee for this scholarship which attracts many excellent applicants.

Eligibility Criteria
Must be African American, Hispanic American, or Native American, majoring or planning to major in physics

Application Requirements

  • Completed application form
  • Current, official transcripts
  • ACT, SAT, and/or any other scholastic aptitude test scores
  • Personal statement
  • Two completed reference forms

The mission of The Bill Dickey Scholarship Association is to increase the participation of minority youngsters in the sport of golf as well as provide financial assistance in support of their efforts to experience the extraordinary advantage of education and opportunity.

Making a Difference

One of the greatest challenges facing America today is preparing our youth for the future...reaching them; empowering them and inspiring them to make goals and realize their potential to achieve. This challenge has never been greater. Thus, the opportunity never brighter for The Bill Dickey Scholarship Association (BDSA) to impact the lives of young men and women throughout the United States.
That's why each year, BDSA awards scholarship grant and financial aid packages to our youth. Awards range from one-time grants of $1,000 to four-years worth as much as $3,500 annually. Awards are based on academic achievement, entrance exam scores, financial need, references, evidence of community service, and golfing ability.

Eligibility Criteria

Must be a member of a minority group and demonstrate an active interest in golf
Application Requirements

  • Application form
  • Official transcript
  • Essay
  • Two personal reference forms
  • One photo (head shot)

Alliance Data and its three lines of business &ndash Retail Services, Epsilon and LoyaltyOne &ndash provide loyalty and marketing solutions for some of North America's most recognizable brands. These solutions are built through analyzing transaction-rich consumer data, tracking consumer spending trends and offering new and better ways for companies to interact with their customer base. Alliance Data helps their clients build and enrich relationships with their customers in order to foster loyalty, drive sales, and grow their business.

Alliance Data, is an organization built on strong ideas and smart, experienced people. The company is comprised of three highly accomplished and distinct businesses, and they know the importance that teamwork plays in their ongoing success. They foster collaboration, value diversity, celebrate success and make things happen. So if you're looking for a place where you can reach your full potential, then we invite you to join the Alliance Data team.

The UNCF/Alliance Data partnership offers candidates a paid summer internship and $10,000 scholarship for the 2012-2013 academic year.

The Business Systems Analyst (BSA) Intern will work on fashioning operational solutions that support the clients' marketing programs and strategies. The position offers opportunities to become both technically and operationally conversant in both marketing strategy and technology. Positions are available in Irving, TX and Boston, MA. Travel and housing are not provided.

The Beautiful Minds Scholarship is a $1000.00 award available to minority graduating high school seniors who are attending school in the United States and planning to enroll in a regionally accredited post-secondary institution. Eligibility requirements include:

  •     a high school G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher (must submit an official transcript for verification)
  •     an anticipated graduation dated at the time of application submission
  •     must show proof of acceptance to a regionally accredited post-secondary institution
  •     a submitted essay on the topic "Finding My Purpose"
  •     a letter of recommendation from a high school teacher or administrator

logo genericThe Black Owned Business Network at is the leading black owned business directory.  With over 10,000 Black Owned Businesses already listed and over 20,000 visitors per month, is the best source for consumers and businesses to find a Black Owned Business. The primary reason for the website redesign was to to improve usability for users.

The Black Owned Business Network is a platform that allows African American businesses to advertise their businesses.  Businesses can add photos of their products or work samples, information about their businesses, coupons for current promotions and events, and receive direct contact from potential business leads.  Businesses may also receive and respond to reviews from their clients.  

Benefits of joining the Black Owned Business Network at getting your business seen by thousands of potential clients and other businesses who are looking to do business with a Black Owned Business.  In addition, the Black Owned Business Network has partnered with several companies to offer discounts on business services such as web design, logos, press releases, and logos to members.

For more information on the Black Owned Business Network visit ro email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • African American Female
  • College Sophomore or Junior enrolled in an accredited college or university
  • Business major
  • Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) 3.0 or above on a 4.0 scale
  • United States Citizen
  • Complete the scholarship application online
  • Submit a 750 word essay – Topic: “Business and Community United”
  • Recipient must be a resident of the Southeast District (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, or West Virginia)

How can I find an investor for my business?  Will you invest in my business?  What can I do to get an investor to invest in my business.  These are questions that many Black Owned Business owners are asking.  But it seems that many business owners ask these questions prematurely.  Business owners must go through the proper preparation before even considering an investor. 

1) Know the risks of having an investor.
Some business owners see having an investor as a way to gain capital fast.  They don't consider the risks involved. 

Inverstors are people who have alot of money that they use to make them more money.  They buy shares or part ownership in a business with the hopes of making a profit within. a defined time period.  When they make their money, their goal is to sell their shares and move on to another investment.  The problem usually comes when the investor doesn't make their money fast enough or they sell.  Investors usually have some say so in how the company is run, including the business owners salary.  Yes, they can put a cap on the owner's salary.  Most importantly, they make decisions regarding the company that the business owner may not always agree with.

2) Have a proper business plan
Investors want to know the ins and outs of your business.  They want to know what your expenses are.  They want to know what your income is.  Most importantly, they want to know what your projected profit is.  Do your research?  If you are lucky enough to get your business in front of an investor, don't waste their time. Be prepared to answer questions about your business.

3) Know how you will use the investors money.
If you get the chance to meet with an investor, have a detailed plan on how you will use their investment.  Be prepared to discuss this with the investor and be open to suggestions.

YOU must invest in your business first.  Yes, you should invest time, but don't forget to invest your own money in your business.
There's the saying that it takes money to make money.  There are many types of business owners out there.  Some ownes start with thousands or millions to invest into their start-up business.  Others only have a couple hundred dollars.  Amongst both type of business owners, there are those that are successful.  For the successful business owners, you will find that they all have something in common.  They all invested money into their business.

Investing in your business means that you find a way to fund part of your business expenses, whether the money comes from savings or if you start small and reinvest your business profits.  Investors want to know that you believe enough in your business to try to make it successful.  Think of it like this, If you won't invest in your business, why should they?

What advice do you have for business owners who want to find investors for their company?

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